On the 15th of April, merely days after the first images were sent back from the Copernicus’ Sentinel-1, the Copernicus Masters started its 4th annual competition in the field of new and intriguing ideas, applications and whole business concepts based on data regarding the observation of Earth. This would mark the first time ever that the competition would be open for participants from all over the world. The submission will [...]

Across America there is a plenty of amazing shorelines. Some of the beaches in America are very popular since they are clean, safe and awe inspiring. Those who want to enjoy with family and children always opt for the best beaches. Most of the popular beaches are also ideal for fishing, surfing, nature study and for relaxing. The beaches that have maximum number of sunny days in a year, currents, [...]

Palm trees, bays, coral reefs, extended coastal lines, coral islands, golden sands, sandy shores, resorts, blue shallow water beneath the azure sky- this is what you can call a pristine bliss on the beaches of Australia. If you travel to the Australian beaches, you will be surprised to find the variety in the color of the ocean, and the multi-colored rocks will surely attract your imaginative senses. A proper tour [...]

New York City is the largest metropolis in US and is comprised of Manhattan, Staten Islands, a section of Long Island and a small part of the New York state mainland. Among the cities in US, New York is the most globalized. While it is one of the most attractive urban areas, it is commercially very active. Apart from Americans and African Americans, the population consists of Jews, Irish, Italians [...]

Australia as a travel destination is one of the most beautiful continents. Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane are some of the major locations of Australia, and every year, thousands of tourists from different parts of the world travel to Australia, for relaxing, and enjoying a peaceful holiday. Australian package tours make provisions for dining and hotels at cheap and pocket-friendly manner. River cruise along the harbors in Sydney Sydney is [...]

There is no doubt as to why California is often referred to as a dream world, or golden California. It is for the exquisite beaches which are famous all over the world. Not just conducted tours, but California can also be experienced as part of an entire travel package, where the travel agencies usually arrange for budget and posh hotels, and also pick-up and drop-up facilities for the tourists. What [...]

There is a preconceived idea about England that it is a place of the monarchs, the castles, terrible rainfall, and the Big Ben. But apart form all these, there are other tourist attractions also, and the tour of England can never be completed without a visit to these places which are not generally marked in any traveler’s guide. The prehistoric and valuable tower of London If you are planning to [...]

The call of the wild is most frequent and most prominent if you take a package tour of the wildlife safari in USA. Not just the wild animals, but the rough landscape, and the vast greenery all around, the luxury hotels or the wildlife cottages- everything is a part of the adventurous wildlife tour in America. The wildlife sanctuaries: vast and intractable If you are in the mood for travel [...]

Man is by nature, gregarious. Man is also a lover of traveling and adventure, by nature. And USA is the perfect destination which has an array of beautiful tourist spots that act as magnets to travelers. But apart from the Grand Canyon and the Statue of Liberty, there are also other uncommon places to see in USA. They are wonderful spots where you can travel, and your tour managers can [...]

The best thing about Europe travel is the variety that creates memorable experiences in the life of individuals. Heritage sites, comfortable hotels, sightseeing tours, tailor-made dream destinations, churches, alleys, valleys, shopping outlets, statues, museums, aesthetics, works of art, cuisine, and spa- all these things define the European holiday packages. The cities which are immortal in history Rome- Rome is one of the best cities of Europe, where you will find [...]